John Howard Keating Fisher is a musician/author currently living in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. John is currently sharing his love of music through his latest releases: ‘Love Prevails’ a collection of adult contemporary originals with vocals and instrumentals, and a new book ‘Blink of an Eye’. Please subscribe to his youtube channel while checking out the videos. Thanks for all the support! 

John sings, plays piano, flute and a bit of guitar on the recordings. With a degree in music from UBC, he pursued his passion for creating music and performing for 10 years and then went back for a teaching degree and combined music with his love for helping others. 

His first novel came about after struggling with life’s big challenges and questions. A great cathartic experience, but now he is ready to express those emotions through music.

Veryan Williams-Wynn has just reviewed Blink of an Eye, giving it 4 out of 5 stars! Blink of an Eye by John H K Fisher, is a gripping tale that follows the main protagonist, Hamasa from his childhood in Afghanistan, to Canada and then to Pakistan to be trained by the Taliban. I have to say I've read many books about Afghanistan, by Afghanis, but never from this particular perspective. This many-layered book is told not only by Hamasa's, but also from the point of view of a Canadian Pakistani girl, called Nayanna. The plot is complex, filled with twists, turns and hidden depths, because despite Hamasa's hard-hitting rants (under interrogation) about society's inequalities, the lure of extremism and radicalisation, fundamentally his is a spiritual journey. The action begins with the adult Hamasa being interrogated in the USA, by whom or why, we don't initially know. However, it is during interrogation that he recounts his life: his early upbringing amongst the Taliban; his teenage years in Canada and the crazy antics of his posturing teenage friends, often with tragic consequences; how he fell in love, and that is just the start of his extraordinary life. The focus of the story, however shifts into an entirely different gear when Hamasa makes a remarkable discovery, involving ancient documents, which sends him on a perilous quest to find answers to ages old questions. In his search for greater truths, Hamasa goes into long and dense musings about religion and God, even coming up with his own revised version of The Lords Prayer. This is a deep and thought provoking thriller that races along at a cracking pace and keeps you turning those pages. This book being unlike anything I've read before made me wonder about the author and I was amazed to find he is a well-know Canadian singer.
Blink of an Eye
John H K Fisher

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