John HK Fisher

Love Prevails

Love Prevails

I Believe in You

Your Love Runs Wild

Carry On

My Love for You

City of Darkness

Lost Melody

When It’s in Your Heart

One Fire

Don’t Let the Music Ever Stop

Seek the Beauty

Sweet Grandma

Bionic Butterfly

The Return Home

You Bring The Moonlight

Blink of an Eye

‘Blink of an Eye’ is a new novel by John H K Fisher. The story starts near the end as the protagonist, Hamasa, is being interrogated as a suspected terrorist. His life flashes into view as the reader is taken on a journey from the innocence of his youth in Afghanistan,  awakening into romance, love and adulthood in Canada, to being a seeker of universal truth and discovering secrets that rewrite mankind’s history. 

Take the journey with Hamasa to see if you too will awaken a curiosity to explore the truths of life.

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